2007-01-01 12.00.08-1We open the doors at  8.30am and the children are  provided with a choice of free play and adult-led activities based around the current learning theme. There is a routine to our day, however we are very flexible and allow for spontaneous activities. On arrival the children are encouraged to recognise their name card and place it on the board.

8.30 Arrival  Self chosen play and adult focused activities indoors/outdoors

10.00am  Tidy up ti

10.15am Circle ti

10.30am  Snack time

10.45am Physical Games

11.30am Story Time

11.45am  Musical Movement

12.00pm  Lunch time

12.30pm  Collection of children not attending afternoon session.

The afternoon session is based on a similar routine.

Themes are based around children’s current interests and have in the past included nursery rhymes, dinosaurs, space and journeys. Learning areas are adapted daily to reflect current themes; the outdoor area has recently been transformed into a pirate ship and a garden centre allowing for imaginative role play and exploration.

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Visitors are often welcomed to provide extended learning experiences, our travel topic was supported by a visit from the school’s lollypop lady.  The children enjoyed trying on her outfit and learning the green cross code! We were also recently visited by Bill Bailey the science man who provided the children with an interactive demonstration. We are always on the look out for interesting people to enhance learning opportunities.

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Our inside area is well equipped to enhance imaginative play, exploration and learning. Equipment provided include amongst others:

  • Our fabulous home corner role play area allows for lots of imaginative play based on their own experiences and the opportunity to play alongside other children. We also create many other role play areas such as a supermarket, post office, space station or café.
  • Toys including dinosaurs, cars, dolls and our very popular farm yard
  • Craft activities such as Playdough, paint, junk modelling, cutting and sticking and writing
  • Water and sand tables
  • Dressing up costumes
  • Number and learning games and puzzles

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