21st December 2017

It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!  Are you hanging up your stockings on the wall…………………………………….

We have had a lot of Christmas fun this week!!!  The children have enjoyed exploring a table containing a variety of festive resources and have also had the opportunity to manipulate Snow dough and a Gingerbread dough using various cutters, tools and materials.  We have continued to learn Christmas songs and listened to a range of Christmas stories throughout the week. Today we held our Christmas party which began with creating a Christmas crown and was followed by a variety of  games and a Christmas film.  The grand finale was our ‘special visitor’ Porky the Elf who thoroughly entertained the children and brought gifts from Santa!!! He jingled his way in, much to the surprise of the children, who were all very eager to talk to him and touch his bells!! They particularly enjoyed his elf dance and all danced behind him around the room until it was time to say goodbye!! Thanks very much  Porky for visiting today – our very first elf to visit Meare Moles!!!

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our doors will reopen on Tuesday 9th January 2018!!!!


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15th December 2017

Apologies for no updates in the last two weeks, however with Christmas drawing near we have been extremely busy creating wall displays with the children and rehearsing for the Nativity play – preparing props, scenery and learning Christmas songs!!! The highlight of this week was to perform our play ‘Grandma’s Christmas Tale’ in front of family and friends - we were so so proud of our little moles who worked very hard in rehearsals and put on a fantastic show for everyone- of course there were all those unpredictable moments that you can never rehearse for which usually entertain the audience!!!!!!! We hope that everyone enjoyed coming along to watch it and we are very grateful to Mr Sparks who kindly filmed the play to enable parents to purchase it on DVD, as a lovely keepsake and to also raise funds for Meare Moles - thank you very much!

Aside from Christmas activities the Post Office was a popular place to play, with many letters/parcels being posted and delivered – it encouraged lots of interaction between the children, imaginative play and ‘writing’ opportunities! The children also enjoyed time in the wildlife garden, playing racing/chasing games and ‘al fresco’ cooking!!








24th November 2017

Wow, what a busy and fun filled week it has been!

As many of the children had been to carnivals over the weekend, we carried on the carnival vibe with some groovy tunes and dancing as well as a carnival construction activity using mega blocks with vibrant, sparkly materials so that the children could create their own carnival floats. Outside, we made the most of the windy weather and whirled around with ribbons!

Wednesday was our Pyjama Day! Children and staff all came to playgroup adorned in their pjs and onesies  and enjoyed a warm, snuggly day filled with blankets, bedtime stories, games, lullabies, and even a lovely cup of hot chocolate! This was all in aid of Crackerjacks Children’s Trust Charity, for whom we raised £35, thank you to all who participated and donated!

Christmas play rehearsals have commenced and so far, it’s looking like it’s going to be a good’un!!!

Lastly, we were very lucky to have had a visit from Teresa James and Janet Westover on Friday who are from the Meare and Westhay  fundraising  team, who have very kindly raised £75 for the playgroup, which we will put towards some exciting new resources for the children to play with. Thank you so much ladies, we really appreciate your kind donation!

Next week we will be starting to make Meare Moles look a little more festive!!! How exciting!photo 1 photo 3

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17th November 2017

What do animals do at winter time?? They can’t put a coat, hat and scarf on to keep warm outside or put the heating on in their homes, so how do they survive the cold winter?

We have been using activities this week to teach the children about the amazing things that animals do to get through the winter. A circle time we have used picture books and resources to help them understand about Hibernation, migration and adaption. They met three ‘hedgehogs’ this week called Hattie, Honey and Henry who have been busy gathering food and creating a warm nest to sleep in. The hedgehogs have now decided it’s time to hibernate until the warmer weather comes along, so they have curled up in their warm home and we will see them again in the spring!!  The children had lots of fun playing with our very creative autumn small world play set, where pumpkins were carved and used as little homes and pathways were created with pebbles surrounded by an array of beautiful autumn leaves – this activity encouraged a lot of imaginative play as they  used small animals and play figures at this activity.  All the children created a leafy caterpillar this week to take home and they also helped to make bird seed cakes, which are now hanging from the trees in our wildlife garden.  When not busy with all of these activities it was time to curl up and have a rest in the  big hibernation den.

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10th November 2017

It’s all been about the Autumn ‘fall’ this week, as the children enjoyed exploring a range of objects on our Autumn table. They used magnifiers to take a closer look at conkers, leaves, apples, cones, twigs and various other items. The brushes and wheelbarrows were popular outside – the leaves were all gathered together and we all learnt a song called  ’Pretty leaves are falling down, falling down……..’  -there was lots of fun as we all threw leaves into the air and watched them twirl and whirl around.  Lots of children were keen to explore the clay, using different tools to cut, shape and mould it – we added some small twigs to the table and the children had lots of fun creating beautiful Autumn trees by threading coloured beads onto them.   The children all created an Autumn wreath, using a range of coloured material and they look absolutely fantastic hanging from the ceiling.  We had a very special delivery this week from a Mr Duckett (Father of a child who attends Meare Moles), who very kindly offered to create us our very own ‘Mud Kitchen’!!! It arrived on Thursday and it is absolutely fantastic – the children haven’t left it’s side!!!! A HUGE  thank you to him for using his own time and resources to create this amazing resource which is going to be very popular and will encourage the children to use their imaginations in the outdoor area.

Next week we will be concentrating on animals and how they survive the winter!!

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3rd November 2017

We returned this week to a little spookiness as we celebrated Halloween – some children arrived in costume and we had a day full of spells and witches tales!!! Potions were made using coloured water and magic JellyStones and stories such as ‘Room on the Broom’ and Winnie the Witch were enjoyed by all. We have also discussed firework safety this week and every child had the opportunity to create their very own firework picture using paints, crepe paper, twigs and glitter.  We read the children some firework poems, sang some rhymes about rockets/fireworks and even enjoyed ‘hot dogs’ for snack.

Next week we will be focusing on Autumn ‘fall’ objects, so the children will have the opportunity to explore leaves, cones, conkers, acorns etc and following this we will focus on animals and how they survive the winter.


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19th October 2017

This week we began our Autumn topic by thinking about harvest. The children enjoyed helping to create a Scarecrow display and had fun learning some scarecrow rhymes and action songs. ‘The Scarecrow’s Hat’ story sack enabled the children to actively participate and to bring the story to life and the children enjoyed taking on different roles throughout the week. All the children had the opportunity to participate in a cooking activity this week – in small groups each child made their very own bread roll  – we do hope that they were edible and enjoyed by all!!  The stretchy dough table was very popular and a range of tools and cutters were provided to enable the children to explore it as they made ‘cakes’, ‘bread’  and ‘pies’ and it all became a little more elastic throughout the week!  Additionally dried pasta, rice and lentils were provided in trays with sieves, pots, colanders  and the children enjoyed making a range of culinary delights as they stirred and scooped using their hands and tools. The 3d blocks encouraged the children to use their imaginations as they created towers, houses and a range of other constructions and they were all very proud of their achievements.

We break up now for the half-term and the playgroup will re-open on Tuesday 31st October- there will be lots of spooky fun on this day with the three witches of Meare , so please come along dressed in costume ready for some Halloween fun!!

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6th October 2017

This week we focused on our five senses and how important they are, as they answer our questions and help us find out about what is happening in the world around us. The children have enjoyed exploring our different sensory tables where they were able to explore lots of different objects/materials/instruments and as they played we discussed what senses they were using and how each of their senses were collecting information and sending it to their brain!! The communication telephones were popular and they enjoyed talking to each other through them – they were encouraged to close their eyes and see if they could guess who was talking into the phone! Feely balloons provided a source of curiosity as they squashed, squeezed and shook them in order to find out what was inside – there were some interesting guesses and delighted faces when after exploring them, we revealed what was inside! Outside we played a physical ‘Traffic Light’ game where they had to use their eyes - Red – Stop, Orange -walk and Green - run and following this we played a similar game, however they had to listen to the musical instrument being played and perform a different action for each. At Circle Time we had lots of fun tasting a range of different flavours/foodstuffs – it was quite entertaining and their faces were a picture, particularly when sampling sour/spicy foodstuffs -  ooh aren’t we awful!!!!

2007-01-13 11.41.402007-01-02 10.20.05

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29th September 2017

Two little hands go clap clap clap, two little feet go tap tap tap…………………………………………

This week we concentrated on our hands and feet and the children all had tickly fun as we painted their feet and  created footprints which are now walking all over our wall!!  A shoe shop was very popular and encouraged lots of size language as they had their feet measured and tried different footwear, however some customers seemed dissatisfied and were in a hurry to exchange their items!!!  In the outdoors fun was had as the children attempted to balance on balancing buckets and walk with the giant feet – we also played action games where we used our feet in different ways.   The children participated in an adult focused activity where they were presented with three different sized ‘feet’ -  they were encouraged to compare the sizes and to use blocks to measure them – this activity also created an opportunity for counting and recognition of numerals.   Threading cards, incredible dough, mark making and construction materials encouraged the children to use their hands in different ways as they created models and  pictures.

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22nd September 2017

This week we have been thinking about all the Bits and Pieces that make up our bodies and have been learning the names of different body parts. At circle time the children had the opportunity to think about what they could do with different parts of their bodies i.e  ‘I can draw with my hands’ , ‘I can kick a ball with my feet’. We have created a wall display with a body poster and  all the wonderful ideas that the children suggested. The children have gained an understanding that from our head to our toes the bones inside our bodies provide support and enable us to do everyday physical activities and without them we would just be a blob of jelly!!!!  There were many patients visiting the doctor’s role play area with broken bones and other injuries, some in the need of crutches to help them get about.  Soft play resources outside encouraged the children to move in different ways and they all enjoyed participating in a more structured activity where they experimented with travelling and balancing using different body parts.

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15th September 2017

This week we began our topic ‘All About Me’ and all the children had the opportunity to observe their own faces – they were encouraged to identify features of their face and to gain an understanding that although we have similarities, we are all very unique and special. Paints were used to create some fabulous self-portraits and these are now adorning the playgroup wall – are you parents able to identify your own children???? We have discussed feelings and how our faces show others how we are feeling – at circle time we pulled happy, sad, angry, frightened faces and helped the children understand that we can experience many different emotions throughout the day! We used opportunities throughout the week to talk about how different children were feeling and what made them feel the way they did. At physical play we used the parachute to play a feelings game i.e shaking it hard for ‘angry’ or raising it up and down slowly for ‘happy’ – it was lots of fun and enjoyed by all! Other interests this week were balancing across crates and logs and finding snails and slugs which were all out of hiding due to the damp conditions – magnifiers wee provided to take a closer look and we books to find out more information about them.

2007-01-01 15.32.582007-01-01 12.00.01
2007-01-01 15.12.192007-01-01 12.00.20


8th September 2017

We’re back and it feels like we have never been away!!!!!!

Great to see all the little moles again and to welcome in the new ones. This week we have just been settling back into life at Meare Moles – becoming familiar with the routine and ‘getting to know’ each other!  We have been discussing the rules and their importance in keeping everyone safe, secure and happy.

We returned to discover our carrots had survived the summer and were ready to eat, so we have sampled them at snack time and we have to say they were quite tasty!! The  sand was popular this week – lots of children were making sandcastles and talking about their experiences at the beach and they were also very enthusiastic to participate in musical movement!!

Our topic ‘All About Me’ will begin next week and we will start by looking at ‘Faces’ . The children will make observations and be encouraged to look at differences and similarities, but most importantly discover that  we are all special and unique. Self- portraits will soon be adorning the playgroup walls!!

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21st July 2017

Over the last two weeks we have enjoyed lots of time playing in the outdoor areas – some of the highlights were the car wash and playing on the new tyre swing outside!!  The Grand Finale was our party day today to celebrate the end of the academic year and to say goodbye to the children that will be making the transition over to school!!  It was a fun day and the children were captivated by a mermaid called Azure Sparkle(Felicity Fairies) that came to visit them and entertained them with stories, activities and an exciting treasure hunt - this led to us finding Blackbeard’s treasure chest and the children were able to choose a small gift from the treasure box!! A game of pass the parcel proved to be  highly amusing when a layer of paper came off to reveal one of Captain Blackbeard’s 100 year old socks and Captain Lucky Jack’s ‘everything brush’!!!

Thank you to all parents who came along to join us for a bite to eat and for the presentation to the children who will be leaving us to start their school life – we wish them all the best for the future! The staff are all extremely grateful for all your generous gifts and for all the food donations made today. Have a great summer holiday and we will re-open our doors on Monday 4th September.

Over and out!!!!!!!


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