18th January 2019

We have just begun our new topic – Dinosaurs!!

The word dinosaur means terrible lizard and this week we have been learning some basic facts about them using  fun games and information books to find out more about them i.e extinct, herbivore, carnivore, fossil, bones, skeleton and some words to describe individual dinosaurs. The children have used paints to create some amazing dinosaurs for our ‘Earth Long Ago’ display – brushes, sponges and a variety of coloured paints were provided and the children are all very proud of the display.  We have also created another display using a 3D T-Rex, who has been a huge source of interest and he is surrounded by lots of words that relate to our dinosaur topic. The brown dough was popular with some children moulding and shaping it to create dinosaurs, whereas others stomped dinosaurs through it, but by mid-week they all became more interested in becoming chefs and there was so much interest in baking cakes, creating food, that we decided to bring out some cooking resources to enhance their play. Mini dinosaurs roamed around the sand trays and a small world dinosaur play set encouraged lots of imaginative play and interaction. Numbered dinosaur pictures were provided to encourage numeral recognition and the use of mathematical language – the children enjoyed helping the adult to place the dinosaurs in number order along the floor and then had  lots of fun when they had to quickly point to a given number.  In the outdoors there was a range of large construction materials, such as crates, waffle blocks, planks, duplo blocks which gave the children the opportunity to build, problem solve and be creative.                          

2007-01-01 12.18.342007-01-01 14.02.02

2007-01-01 12.00.322007-01-01 12.13.13

2007-01-01 12.00.312007-01-01 12.58.23

2007-01-01 13.25.462007-01-01 12.02.09

21st December 2018

Well what a jolly festive week we have had!!  On Tuesday the parents came along and watched our play ‘Shine Star Shine’ – the children were absolutely amazing and there were some really entertaining moments – we thank everyone for coming and hope that everyone enjoyed the show. We have done many festive activities throughout the week and our grand finale was the Christmas party today, the highlight being a visit from Santa’s favourite elf ‘Porky’. Porky was extremely entertaining and had the children dancing and singing and they were all delighted to receive a gift from him before he made his way back to Santa’s busy workshop.  The children all iced and decorated a Christmas tree biscuit, that they had made this week and those were enjoyed at snack time. Lunch was a hot meal of chicken nuggets, chips and beans – a traditional Christmas lunch!!!!!

2007-01-01 12.06.092007-01-01 12.06.03

2007-01-01 12.05.582007-01-06 13.53.24

2007-01-06 13.56.382007-01-06 13.53.17

2007-01-02 12.45.302007-01-02 12.43.42

2007-01-02 12.06.402007-01-01 13.41.32

14th December 2018

Ginger dough has continued to be explored, using various Christmas cutters and decorations -  the children enjoyed the addition of bowls, saucepans and ultimately the microwave to ‘cook’ their Christmas cookies. The Post Office role play area has been busy with lots of letters being posted and delivered and the boxes provided endless opportunities for imaginary play!!  The children had the opportunity to develop physical skills through using scissors to cut up Christmas cards and colouring festive pictures. We also wore our festive jumpers in today to  support ‘Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day’ – a fun day had by all!  The children have been fabulous in our play rehearsals for ‘Shine Star Shine’ and we are looking forward to showing the parents on Tuesday.

2007-01-02 11.18.472007-01-02 13.25.51

2007-01-01 12.01.282007-01-02 14.01.39

7th December 2018

Spicy gingerbread dough was used to create a range of Christmas delights – they had fun with Christmas cutters, rolling pins and buttons. Our walls are looking very colourful as the children have created their very own Christmas trees and gingerbread men for our wonderful festive displays. Large jenga blocks were creatively used to make pathways, bridges and other arrangements. Fire fighters were on duty and it was a very busy morning for them - there appeared to be fires in all corners of the room, so they put their hoses to good use and extinguished the flames!!

2007-01-01 12.00.082007-01-01 12.00.23-1

2007-01-01 12.00.052007-01-01 12.04.37

2007-01-01 13.01.112007-01-01 13.00.37






30th November 2018

This week the children have enjoyed ball play outside and being active on the soft play equipment inside – they built tunnels to crawl through and bridges to go over. Some children enjoyed exploring colour and mark making through painting, whilst other children played imaginatively as fire fighters, using props to support their play. Our thoughts will now turn to Christmas, which is fast approaching and next week we will begin lots of Christmas crafts and activities and continue with our play rehearsals for ‘Shine Star Shine’.

2007-01-02 14.04.232007-01-01 12.00.01

2007-01-03 12.19.022007-01-01 12.34.41



23rd November 2018

It’s been a musical week with lots of singing and dancing, as we reflect on the children’s carnival experiences – for those that did not have the opportunity to see it we showed them videos and pictures of some of the amazing floats. The children had fun on the ‘carnival float’ outside, which was made using crates and construction blocks and we played some music for them to dance to with ribbon sticks and hoops. Junk modelling was enjoyed by all the children – some chose to make carnival floats, whilst others made tractors, helicopters, cars, trains and even monsters!! The children were encouraged to choose their own resources, to use their own ideas and were supported in using different joining techniques – thank you to all parents that contributed  junk materials. Carnival floats were made using construction materials such as stickle bricks and mobile and some even made floats out of the dough. We are continuing to have lots of fun brushing up all the leaves – we think it must almost be coming to an end now though and then our thoughts will turn to Christmas, as we begin rehearsals for our Christmas play ‘Shine Star Shine’.

2007-01-01 12.00.022007-01-01 12.03.47

2007-01-01 12.03.252007-01-01 12.31.26

2007-01-01 12.31.352007-01-01 12.00.01-2


16th November 2018

This week the children have been learning all about how animals survive the winter. Animals can’t put on a jumper, heat their homes and go to the supermarket to get their food, so what do they do in winter?  Well we used circle time as an opportunity to talk about Hibernation, Migration and Adaption, using props/resources to help the children understand the meaning of each one. Lots of children chose to wear the animal hats and play in the hibernating den, they had lots of fun chasing each other around and then all hiding away in the den to keep warm for winter. Each child created a clay hedgehog, initially we looked at a picture of a hedgehog to find out about its features and then with a little help from the adults, the children created their very own unique hedgehog, using small sticks for the spines.  The children were also very busy outside as they built with large duplo, crates and large waffle blocks to create a variety of arrangements, although building high towers became increasingly popular throughout the week. They all went on a ‘Bear Hunt’ in the outdoors and the children had the opportunity to play with the small world ‘Bear Hunt’ play set in the indoor area. The children enjoyed a game where they helped ’Mr Squirrel’ gather up all his acorns and put them up in his tree, which provided an opportunity for counting/problem solving and was lots of fun!!!

2007-01-01 12.02.292007-01-01 12.02.11

2007-01-01 12.20.092007-01-01 12.00.46-3

2007-01-01 12.00.01-42007-01-01 12.23.47

9th November 2018

This week the children have been telling us all about their halloween and firework experiences and the ‘witching’ hasn’t stopped!!  They have been making potions with the sand inside and with natural resources in the outdoors with lots of  spell chanting. We thought ‘Room on the Broom’ an appropriate story to read and the children had fun acting out the story with some props. Our harvest pumpkin was carved and we carried out a little hocus pocus by mixing bicarbonate of soda, wine vinegar and a little food colouring which resulted in a bubbling mixture oozing out of his mouth -much to the children’s delight.  The children all created an individual painted poppy and we learnt a song to help them gain an understanding  about Remembrance Day.

Next week we will be thinking about animals and how they survive the winter.

2007-01-02 12.33.492007-01-02 11.49.59

2007-01-01 12.00.46-22007-01-01 12.00.01


25th October 2018

Our ‘Harvest’ week has been a very busy week with a wide range of exciting activities on offer for the children and many busy chefs in the room!!! We discussed the harvest festival at circle time and passed a feely bag around the circle, each time with a different vegetable inside – there was no peeping, so they had to use their sense of touch to guess what vegetable was hiding inside the bag! At the end of the week the children had the opportunity to chop the vegetables up, mix them with some coloured water and create ‘vegetable soups’ and ‘pies’ at  the mud kitchen. Hay was used with the small world farm play set and the farmers were busy driving the tractors around and collecting all the hay into the trailers. The bakery role play area was busy and sold lots of bread/cakes/pizza, as customers arrived with their shopping baskets and enjoyed having a drink and bite to eat in the bakery café. The stretchy dough was a popular table and it became stretchier throughout the week as it was pulled, poked, stretched and kneaded –  they had fun creating ‘cakes’ and ‘bread’ as they placed the dough in bun tins/trays and cooked in the play oven. The best part of the week was the aroma of bread throughout  the playroom, as the children  had the opportunity to participate in making a  bread roll to take home (extra ones for snack time)  and we do hope that they were all edible!!!!2007-01-01 12.00.01-242007-01-05 10.54.18

2007-01-01 12.00.46-12007-01-05 10.50.21

2007-01-05 11.35.492007-01-01 15.06.48

2007-01-05 15.34.062007-01-01 12.00.02-5


19th October 2018

The children have explored autumn leaves this week through observing them using magnifiers and completing leaf rubbings. The leaf rubbings and autumn fall objects are very eye catching as they hang from our tree branch mobiles. Magic leaf paintings have been taken home and these were created through the use of candle wax and watercolour paints and looked very effective. Leaves continued to be raked and brushed up outside, wheelbarrows filled and autumn songs sung to help us on the way.The dinosaur small world was very popular as the children stomped the dinosaurs through autumn leaves/sticks – there was lots of imaginative talk and lots of conkers and acorns for them to munch on!!!  When playing with the large wheeled cars outside, an interest grew in parking spaces, so with the help of an adult, crates and number cards were used to create a road and parking spaces – watch out though for PC Zak who was controlling the traffic and giving out tickets for speeding!!!!

Next week out thoughts will turn to Harvest and the smell of bread will be drifting around the playgroup.

2007-01-02 07.12.562007-01-01 12.02.53

2007-01-01 12.00.23-42007-01-01 12.00.15-2

2007-01-01 12.24.042007-01-02 16.51.18

12th October 2018

Pretty leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down. Pretty leaves are falling down, all around Meare Moles ……

What a fun week we have had – the children thoroughly enjoyed our autumn walk around the school grounds to observe their surroundings  and we collected many ‘fall’ objects along the way to place in our collection basket. Many leaves were raked up outside, scooped into wheelbarrows and tractors, before throwing them up into the air and watching them flutter down!! There was lots of exploratory play as they used magnifiers to explore leaves, conkers, cones, acorns and many other autumn fall objects – we also used circle time as an opportunity to talk about this season and the changes that are happening. Cutting tools and sticks of all sizes were used to poke and prod the clay and this provided a new malleable material for them to explore and investigate.

2007-01-01 12.57.102007-01-01 12.54.52

2007-01-01 13.00.052007-01-02 12.13.00

2007-01-01 12.27.102007-01-01 12.01.16-1


5th October 2018

The children have all created a self-portrait this week – they had the opportunity to observe their own faces and  use mark making tools to create a picture of their face, which are now proudly displayed on the wall. We reinforced that we are all unique, just like the Rainbow Fish. Outside the children had lots of fun on the Monty Mole ship – they have sailed to Home Bargains, Aldi and to treasure island!!!! Water has been explored through a ‘Floating and Sinking ‘ activity, which all the children really enjoyed as they investigated different objects and talked about what was happening.  ’Jelly Bath’ was provided in a large tray and was extremely popular with some, but not with others – hands were sunk in and scoops/spoons were used to explore, pour and make ‘jelly’ !!!!!!

Next week we will begin our Autumn topic and the children will use their senses to explore a range of autumn fall objects.

2007-01-01 17.31.262007-01-02 13.26.20

2007-01-01 12.00.52-12007-01-01 12.12.36

28th September 2018

Our Rainbow Fish topic continued this week and the children have all created a hanging rainbow fish, decorated with paint prints (using celery sticks). We placed a CD in the middle of the fish to enable the reflected light to make fabulous rainbow colours.  The children enjoyed the water play with the sea creatures and shells and are learning the names of the various sea creatures. Block play has been hugely popular with the children creating towers, trains, houses etc  and we have adapted it each day, placing various other resources with them to enhance the play. We reinforced that the Rainbow fish is very special, just like all the children – it was an opportunity to introduce Ross our African-Caribbean Persona Doll and to use this experience to help them gain an understanding that we all have similarities and differences, however we are all individual and unique.

photo 3 (3)photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (5)photo (11)


21st September 2018

Our Rainbow Fish topic has begun and we introduced it by reading the story to the children and discussing the importance of friendship. At circle time we talked about being a good friend and the children  had the opportunity to share their ideas about some of the ways a good friend may behave . They have all decorated their own unique Rainbow Fish using paints and other materials, which have now been displayed on the wall.  A fishing game and fish puzzles were very popular and the children had fun exploring water with jugs, colanders and sea creatures. Some of the children enjoyed creating rainbow fish using the play dough, buttons and other colourful materials. On Wednesday we explored the wind by using ribbon sticks, a parachute and scarves – having lots of fun and  observing the effects of the windy weather.

2007-01-01 12.00.142007-01-01 12.02.54

2007-01-01 13.13.582007-01-01 13.11.362007-01-01 12.00.15-12007-01-01 12.04.55

2007-01-01 12.00.03-2photo 1 (3)


14th September 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been settling the children back into life at Meare Moles and welcoming in new ‘faces’. We have been thinking about the rules and boundaries of the setting using fun activities, familiarising them all with their surroundings and ‘getting to know’ each other.  Below are some photographs to show what we have been up to and next week we look forward to starting our topic ‘The Rainbow Fish’.

2007-01-01 14.20.322007-01-01 14.27.02

2007-01-02 13.58.272007-01-02 14.46.00

2007-01-01 12.00.01-12007-01-01 14.01.08


20th July 2018

We hope that the children had a fun enjoyable last day of term. This morning we had an entertainer in called ‘Nutty Noah’ who had the children(and staff) completely captivated and roaring with laughter!! He thoroughly held the children’s interest and  definitely hit the funny bone!! This was followed by a buffet lunch with parents and we finished the morning with a presentation to the children that will be leaving us to begin their life at school.  It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know each and every one of them and we wish them all the best in their future education.

Thank you to all parents that joined us to day and  for all your contributions of food.  All staff are very grateful for the wonderful gifts that we have received – much appreciated.

A big round of applause to the committee for their hard work this year – clap, clap, clap!!!!!!!!!

We hope that you all have a very enjoyable summer and we will re-open the door on Monday 3rd September.

2007-01-03 12.14.442007-01-03 12.19.45

2007-01-03 12.31.492007-01-03 12.24.59


13th July 2018

Iggigty, ziggity, zaggety  zoo, I’m going to make a potion for you!!!!    Making ‘potions’ has been a source of interest for the children, therefore this week we provided them with various  mixtures to make potions and to cast some spells!!  Many children became little wizards as they enjoyed stirring the water, sand and spaghetti - filling pots and reciting spells. They also enjoyed exploring a tray of green ’Jelly Baff’, as they sunk their hands into it and  filled pots and pans, whilst being encouraged to talk about the slimy mixture.  When not casting spells, they all had fun in the ‘castle’, where they used their imaginations to become princesses, princes, dinosaurs and  also a perfect place to get some shade from the glorious sunshine. An adult supported the children to create a house using the crates and it was the perfect place to chill, have a bite to eat and  a chat!!  We had a very enjoyable morning on Wednesday when we held our sports day (also football semi-final),  therefore the children paraded their England flags as they walked out onto the field. The racing was good fun, the children all received a medal and this was followed by a well-deserved picnic lunch. Thank you to everyone that came along to watch and cheer the children on.

2007-01-05 13.07.132007-01-05 13.05.28

2007-01-01 17.36.272007-01-05 12.21.06

2007-01-01 12.00.532007-01-01 12.00.24-1

6th July 2018

We have all had lots of fun this week with the tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’  –  the children have dressed up and used their imaginations to recall the main parts of the story.  We have used this tale, to sensitively talk with the children at circle time about Stranger Danger - we hope that we have helped the children to understand what is meant by a stranger and have emphasised it is someone they do not know (male or female), whatever they look like, if they do not know them, then they are a stranger. They  have been taught the KIDSCAPE rule ‘Yell, Run, Tell’  and the children had the opportunity to express their own thoughts and feelings.  We have enjoyed being out in the outdoor area playing with lots of cool water, the climbing frame and  soft play.

Next week will be our final fairy tale week and  the basis of our planning will be ‘Once upon a time’ which will be an opportunity to reflect on all the fairy tales that we have covered and go on a journey on a magic carpet to create our very own fairy tales!!!

2007-01-01 14.10.302007-01-12 12.29.06

2007-01-12 09.35.172007-01-01 12.55.49

2007-01-09 11.46.54 2007-01-02 12.58.31

29th April 2018

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears, oh what did her big blue eyes see  …………’

We have had a fun week thinking about the tale of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’  – the children enjoyed the ‘Bears Breakfast Table’.  Many children were eager to explore the dry porridge oats with ladles, pots, pans and bowls and we even ate  cooked porridge at snack time. As we were thinking about bears, we created a cave for the children to play in and we also went on a ‘Bear Hunt’ and tried to catch a big one – we weren’t scared!!!!  There was lots of opportunity for water play to cool us down in the hot weather – the children investigated the water wall, and had fun pouring water (as well as cars and boats) down the guttering using jugs and buckets!!!  Pirate play was also popular as the children went on imaginary journeys as they played with ships and pirates sailing the seven seas.

Next week we will be basing the planning on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

2007-01-05 10.44.492007-01-05 09.21.29

2007-01-06 10.05.582007-01-07 10.16.43

2007-01-06 10.06.492007-01-07 10.42.20


Run, run as fast as you can, you cant catch me I’m the gingerbread man, you can run in the morning, you can run in the night but you can’t catch me, uh huh that’s right, you can’t catch me uh huh that’s right!!!!! 

The smell of ginger has drifted around the room this week, as the children have all been busy baking  gingerbread men – they were delighted that none of them ran away and that they were able to take them home and gobble them up!!  The children also had some ginger dough to mould and shape into gingerbread men – we provided buttons, wool, cutting tools and some baking trays. Each child has decorated a painted gingerbread man using a variety of different materials and they have been used to create a wall display – they are certainly all very unique!!!   The gingerbread journey game in the outdoor area was fun and popular as they walked carefully along balance beams, across stepping stones and jumped over small obstacles.

On Wednesday we held a Princess & Superhero fundraising event to raise money for Crackerjacks Children’s Trust which supports children, or their families, that suffer from a disability. Thank you to everyone that donated money.

Next week, it will be the smell of porridge drifting around the room as we look at the tale of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

2007-01-02 16.00.092007-01-01 12.11.30

2007-01-05 11.21.392007-01-01 12.06.39

2007-01-01 12.00.282007-01-01 12.00.06


11th June 2018

We have now begun our Fairy Tales topic and this week we have concentrated on the tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ (Oink, oink, oink). The children have had many opportunities to act out the story using the puppet theatre, small world play area and have had lots of fun in the wildlife garden using wolf/piggy masks. We provided a ‘straw, stick and brick’ house for the children to really use their imaginations and to recall the story.  Clay was explored using a range of tools and of course some plastic pigs enjoyed getting stuck right into it! At circle time we explored straw, sticks and bricks further when a big bad wolf visited (wolf mask attached to a hairdryer) and he huffed and puffed at the materials – the children could observe how easily the straw and sticks moved, but no huffing and puffing was going to move the large stone bricks. This activity was enjoyed by all the children and they were eager to repeat the activity each circle time – we even explored various other materials, such as wool, pipe cleaners and blocks. Large construction blocks and tools were used to build houses, castles and various other creations.  Some children enjoyed playing a ‘Three Little Pig’ board game where the piggies had to build their own houses before the big bad wolf tried to blow them down!!  Next week we will be thinking about ‘Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man’.

Princess and Superhero dressing up day on Wednesday 20th June, to raise money for Crackerjacks Children’s Trust.

We hope that everyone has a fabulous ‘Father’s Day’ and like the creations that the children have made you.

2007-02-18 12.15.032007-02-18 12.44.29 2007-02-18 12.44.022007-02-20 13.21.34

2007-02-18 16.22.582007-02-19 12.13.23

2007-02-19 13.50.472007-02-18 12.14.42

2007-01-02 12.27.492007-02-18 17.38.09

18th May 2018

How lucky we have been to have had such wonderful weather this week! The children have thoroughly enjoyed spending lots of time both in the wildlife garden and in the front outdoor area.

We have been busy building with the large waffle blocks and soft play but the most popular outdoor activities this week involved water…  the water tray was filled with coloured water and various resources each day like water wheels, colanders, buckets and boats. Lots of time was spent using water and paintbrushes to carefully paint the sheds and fences and of course, most importantly, the children loved being given the job of watering the plants, flowers and vegetables, which are looking splendid!

Each child has created a painted butterfly, all of which are adorning our ceiling and looking beautiful. This, along with butterfly templates that the children decorated with beads, buttons, pompoms, mosaic tiles etc allowed the children to think about pattern, shape and symmetry.

2007-01-21 12.02.21 2007-01-21 13.07.42 2007-01-25 18.26.43 2007-01-24 13.23.41

2007-01-21 14.33.092007-01-22 15.56.38

11th May 2018

As part of our spring topic we are thinking about the ‘lifecycle of a butterfly’ and the perfect basis for their learning is the well known story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ . The children enjoyed listening to the story tape and the story sack really brought the story to life. They have all made an egg box caterpillar which has been filled with grass seed and  we are now waiting in anticipation for them to become fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars!! The children have enjoyed creating caterpillars and butterflies using the playdough and lots of fun was had outside as they threw balls and beanbags into the hungry caterpillars mouth. A fantastic ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ display adorns our wall with the story cards surrounding it which is encouraging the children to think about and recall the story.  We are continuing to observe our various seeds growing in the garden – the sunflowers and runner beans are doing well and the wildflowers are beginning to show signs of life!

2007-01-16 13.03.53 2007-01-16 12.34.48

2007-01-16 13.43.182007-01-18 15.27.29

2007-01-17 14.44.232007-01-18 15.27.14

2007-01-16 13.39.092007-01-17 12.04.26

4th May 2018

This week we have enjoyed lots of outdoor play! We have been moving our bodies in different ways; we’ve jumped up and over, crawled down and under and  slithered along to complete the obstacle course!

Our real life beanstalks are growing very well  now and getting taller everyday… apart from the poor runner bean seed who was put in the dark without water, air or sunlight!  Due to the interest in the beans, we listened to the story tape of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and also learnt a very physical action song, which the children found really fun and enjoyable and it certainly got their hearts pumping! 

We were lucky to have been given some trays of pansies earlier in the week, which the children have loved carting around in wheelbarrows and planting in the wildlife garden. The children have also been observing the sunflower seeds this week, taking a closer look with magnifiers and talking about what they can see.

We the created our own beautiful flowers which are now displayed on the wall.

Have lovely bank holiday weekend! We shall see you on Tuesday!

2007-01-09 14.45.452007-01-09 14.33.22

2007-01-09 12.32.362007-01-10 13.05.44

2007-01-10 14.39.302007-01-11 12.56.31


27th April 2018

This week, we have continued with our Spring theme.

We have loved the outdoors this week, making use of the new gardening tools and engaging in animal role play games!

Due to its popularity, we kept the peat tray but introduced some different resources to add some variety to the children’s play. These included fabric samples, tissue paper and pipe-cleaners which really encouraged the children to use their imaginations while they wrapped up pebbles in fabric for gifts, scrunched the tissue paper to look like petals and created flowers with pipe-cleaner stems.

Elsewhere in the outdoor area, the children loved the soft play again, particularly when they used it to make dens!

Our ‘Bean Race’ is fully underway and currently in the lead is team orange (Becky’s team) but who knows what will happen in the next few days! How exciting!!!

Hopefully next week will bring some warmer weather so that we can enjoy the sunshine and finish planting our flower and vegetable seeds.

2007-01-14 13.01.302007-01-14 13.17.412007-01-01 14.00.312007-01-14 14.08.51


16th April 2018

We have all come out of hibernation and now have a ‘spring’ in our step!!!

The wind told the grasses and the grasses told the trees, the trees told the bushes and the bushes told the bees, the bees told the robin and the robin sang out clear, WAKE UP, WAKE UP SPRING IS HERE!

Our spring topic began this week (sunshine came along just at the right time)and we have been encouraging the children to think about  the changes that are happening in the outdoors, by using their senses to explore the environment. We have started to prepare the garden area for planting seeds and we are also having a ‘Bean Race’ – ready, steady, grow!!! The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the soil tray, filling plant pots, planting flowers/seeds and even making arrangements with shells and pebbles.  Musical instruments were popular and the children enjoyed singing/making up their own songs and putting on a show!!  If they  preferred  something a little quieter, there was time to have a relaxed afternoon tea with friends or investigate the funnels, sieves and various resources at the water tray.  We all had fun playing parachute games, particularly on that one windy day when it almost blew away!!!!  Have a good weekend – may the lovely weather continue.

2007-01-07 12.35.202007-01-09 12.42.20

2007-01-09 12.32.362007-01-09 13.06.53

2007-01-09 16.48.172007-01-08 13.12.59

2007-01-08 14.25.232007-01-09 13.34.23



23rd March 2018

Easter, Easter, Easter time is here, hear the joyous bells are ringing, here the happy children singing……………..

We have had lots of Easter fun this week – the children have all created bunny ears, helped make some chocolate cakes, balanced eggs on spoons  and had lots of fun on an Easter egg hunt.

We hope that everyone has an enjoyable Easter – we will be closed as from today and will re-open on the 9th  April.

2007-01-05 13.57.332007-01-06 10.20.29

2007-01-06 10.18.112007-01-06 10.17.23

2007-01-06 10.01.312007-01-01 12.00.47-1


16th March 2018

Our final week on our ‘Space’ topic ended with us using our imaginations about who might possibly live on other planets and what they might look like?  We read them some stories such as ‘Wanda and the Alien’, ‘The cow that fell from the sky’ and various other fun stories based on extraterrestrials. The children created their own hand painted alien using various materials to represent different body parts – they are certainly all very individual, each with their own name and look fantastic displayed on the wall.    The children were extremely enthusiastic to explore the Alien Gloop’ (Cornflour mixture that is a liquid but also a solid), scooping and grabbing at it with their hands and observing the mixture as it trickled back into the tray – extremely messy but lots of fun!! Slimy jelly stones were also a source of interest and they had fun scooping them up and filling/emptying lots of pots/tubes.  There was a visit from Nickie Noo Noo from planet Niknik who entertained the children with her alien talk and various other talents. The space station continued to be popular and lots of space adventures were had by all as they blasted off to different planets – Mercury being a favourite, however there were some bumpy rides along the way and a few crash landings . We were very pleased to hear that the children have been singing our favourite ‘Planet’ song so much at home that now the parents have learnt it as well!!!!!!!!!!

2007-01-01 12.00.012007-01-02 07.03.33

2007-01-10 11.17.212007-01-03 08.02.47

2007-01-02 12.57.432007-01-02 08.33.54


9th March 2018

This week, we have transformed home corner into a ‘space station’ using junk, shiny materials and lots of space information posters and pictures. We made astronaut masks to really capture the children’s imaginations and they have become engrossed in their space role play, blasting off to planet Mercury, encountering asteroids and shooting stars along the way!!!

A few of the children showed a real interest in how the Playmags (magnetic building blocks) work. So we provided stronger magnets and various magnetic and non-magnetic objects for them to experiment with; they were fascinated as they watched the metal objects move towards each other and connect. They also tried their magnets out on objects they found around the room and became excited when they stuck!!

We were very glad to have a bit of sunshine after last week’s snow storm! So we made the most of being outside and used the large waffle and duplo blocks to build various structures including a house, a stage area and a wall to jump over!

Next week is our space grand finale; a spectacular extraterrestrial, alien week, we can’t wait!!!

2007-01-09 15.11.532007-01-09 15.02.002007-01-09 15.33.132007-01-11 15.21.152007-01-09 13.54.182007-01-08 14.21.52


1st March 2018

We continue with our space topic and ……………….

The children enjoyed the story cd  about ‘Little Moon’ who went on an amazing journey through our universe, meeting planets, black holes and stars in search of a warm cosy place he could call home!

Crates and blocks were used to create rockets, spaceships and a space train, with the children wearing protective helmets as they blasted off!!

Space dust (sand) was swirled with sticks and they also used their imaginations to create pictures with materials, buttons and coloured treasure stones.

A small sprinkling of snow earlier on in the week had to be explored and we used this experience to think about the colder planets, in particularly the dwarf planet Pluto – we had lots of fun as we  used our imaginations to pretend that we had landed on this cold, icy planet!!

2007-01-01 12.00.022007-01-01 12.17.28

2007-01-04 14.33.342007-01-03 16.20.04

2007-01-04 17.44.022007-01-02 15.38.00

2007-01-03 11.44.252007-01-03 11.44.08

23rd February 2018

We have begun our adventure into space and already the children are being captivated by this fascinating topic. The children have been introduced to the names of the planets in our solar system and to help them remember we are learning a song or two. Information books with excellent illustrations, alongside large printed pictures of the planets were very useful in providing visual images/facts to the children who are already beginning to ask question and are curious to learn more about space.  Galaxy dough was a source of interest and  junk resources were used to make patterns, shapes and various other creations. A small world space play set encouraged imaginative play as children introduced story lines as they blasted rockets and astronauts off into space. A range of construction/junk materials were supplied and the children had fun building, balancing and joining the resources together to create space objects and other things. Next week we will be learning more about the individual planets and will continue our journey to infinity and beyond!!!!

2007-01-02 12.48.132007-01-01 12.00.48

2007-01-01 12.21.312007-01-01 12.00.24

2007-01-01 12.20.512007-01-01 16.18.30

9th February 2018

Up, up and away!!!  This was the last week of our ‘Transport’ topic and activities were planned around travelling through the air!!  The small world airport was a huge success and we had many flights taking off and landing so we had to bring in a little air traffic control!!!! The role play airport was also very popular and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking on different roles, using their imaginations well to either play at the ‘check in desk’, a passenger on the plane, cabin crew or more importantly the role of pilot. They visited many locations such as Africa, Spain, the beach and even jetted into Morrisons!!!!!!  We were fortunate that several aeroplanes flew over this week, as well as a helicopter or two, which created a lot of excitement as the children eagerly pointed them out.

We will be closed now for half term for one full week, returning on the 19th February and very much look forward to our next exciting topic, ‘Space’.

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2nd February 2018

Travelling on water formed the basis of our planning this week. Pallets and crates were used to form a pirate ship and the children had  lots of pirate fun as they sailed the seas and searched for treasure!! The children explored water as they played imaginatively with boats at the water tray and experimented with water as it was poured down the  guttering on the flow wall!  We had fun with musical movement as we sang and moved along to ‘Row, row, row your boat’ and other songs relating to boats and ships. The soft play was very popular and the children constructed with it to create ships, houses and trains throughout the week. We had a very special visit this week from Dan, who drove his truck along to Meare Moles – the children thoroughly enjoyed climbing up into the truck, having a look around it and meeting Dan who explained to them a little bit about what it is like to be a truck driver!!! Much thanks to Tristan Sparks for arranging the visit!!

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26th January 2018

Apologies for no update over the last two weeks, but we have had a few technical issues!

Well we have all settled back into life at Meare Moles and Christmas now seems long gone!!!  We have begun a new topic on ‘Transportation’ and initially encouraged the children to think about all the different ways of travelling on land, water and air. A small world table was divided into three areas and the children had fun playing imaginatively with a range of vehicles. This week we have been concentrating on travelling on land, therefore we provided lots of wheeled vehicles, train tracks and had fun on the ‘bus’ outside. We are learning some songs about transport and a favourite seems to be the ‘Traffic Light’ song, which they are beginning to learn really well. Next week we will be thinking about travelling on water, therefore we will be focusing our planning on boats, ships, exploring water and  floating and sinking.





21st December 2017

It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!  Are you hanging up your stockings on the wall…………………………………….

We have had a lot of Christmas fun this week!!!  The children have enjoyed exploring a table containing a variety of festive resources and have also had the opportunity to manipulate Snow dough and a Gingerbread dough using various cutters, tools and materials.  We have continued to learn Christmas songs and listened to a range of Christmas stories throughout the week. Today we held our Christmas party which began with creating a Christmas crown and was followed by a variety of  games and a Christmas film.  The grand finale was our ‘special visitor’ Porky the Elf who thoroughly entertained the children and brought gifts from Santa!!! He jingled his way in, much to the surprise of the children, who were all very eager to talk to him and touch his bells!! They particularly enjoyed his elf dance and all danced behind him around the room until it was time to say goodbye!! Thanks very much  Porky for visiting today – our very first elf to visit Meare Moles!!!

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our doors will reopen on Tuesday 9th January 2018!!!!


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photo (6)photo 1

15th December 2017

Apologies for no updates in the last two weeks, however with Christmas drawing near we have been extremely busy creating wall displays with the children and rehearsing for the Nativity play – preparing props, scenery and learning Christmas songs!!! The highlight of this week was to perform our play ‘Grandma’s Christmas Tale’ in front of family and friends - we were so so proud of our little moles who worked very hard in rehearsals and put on a fantastic show for everyone- of course there were all those unpredictable moments that you can never rehearse for which usually entertain the audience!!!!!!! We hope that everyone enjoyed coming along to watch it and we are very grateful to Mr Sparks who kindly filmed the play to enable parents to purchase it on DVD, as a lovely keepsake and to also raise funds for Meare Moles - thank you very much!

Aside from Christmas activities the Post Office was a popular place to play, with many letters/parcels being posted and delivered – it encouraged lots of interaction between the children, imaginative play and ‘writing’ opportunities! The children also enjoyed time in the wildlife garden, playing racing/chasing games and ‘al fresco’ cooking!!








24th November 2017

Wow, what a busy and fun filled week it has been!

As many of the children had been to carnivals over the weekend, we carried on the carnival vibe with some groovy tunes and dancing as well as a carnival construction activity using mega blocks with vibrant, sparkly materials so that the children could create their own carnival floats. Outside, we made the most of the windy weather and whirled around with ribbons!

Wednesday was our Pyjama Day! Children and staff all came to playgroup adorned in their pjs and onesies  and enjoyed a warm, snuggly day filled with blankets, bedtime stories, games, lullabies, and even a lovely cup of hot chocolate! This was all in aid of Crackerjacks Children’s Trust Charity, for whom we raised £35, thank you to all who participated and donated!

Christmas play rehearsals have commenced and so far, it’s looking like it’s going to be a good’un!!!

Lastly, we were very lucky to have had a visit from Teresa James and Janet Westover on Friday who are from the Meare and Westhay  fundraising  team, who have very kindly raised £75 for the playgroup, which we will put towards some exciting new resources for the children to play with. Thank you so much ladies, we really appreciate your kind donation!

Next week we will be starting to make Meare Moles look a little more festive!!! How exciting!photo 1 photo 3

IMG_1156IMG_1160photo (5)

17th November 2017

What do animals do at winter time?? They can’t put a coat, hat and scarf on to keep warm outside or put the heating on in their homes, so how do they survive the cold winter?

We have been using activities this week to teach the children about the amazing things that animals do to get through the winter. A circle time we have used picture books and resources to help them understand about Hibernation, migration and adaption. They met three ‘hedgehogs’ this week called Hattie, Honey and Henry who have been busy gathering food and creating a warm nest to sleep in. The hedgehogs have now decided it’s time to hibernate until the warmer weather comes along, so they have curled up in their warm home and we will see them again in the spring!!  The children had lots of fun playing with our very creative autumn small world play set, where pumpkins were carved and used as little homes and pathways were created with pebbles surrounded by an array of beautiful autumn leaves – this activity encouraged a lot of imaginative play as they  used small animals and play figures at this activity.  All the children created a leafy caterpillar this week to take home and they also helped to make bird seed cakes, which are now hanging from the trees in our wildlife garden.  When not busy with all of these activities it was time to curl up and have a rest in the  big hibernation den.

.2007-01-01 12.25.172007-01-02 10.55.34

2007-01-02 12.46.00IMG_1134



10th November 2017

It’s all been about the Autumn ‘fall’ this week, as the children enjoyed exploring a range of objects on our Autumn table. They used magnifiers to take a closer look at conkers, leaves, apples, cones, twigs and various other items. The brushes and wheelbarrows were popular outside – the leaves were all gathered together and we all learnt a song called  ’Pretty leaves are falling down, falling down……..’  -there was lots of fun as we all threw leaves into the air and watched them twirl and whirl around.  Lots of children were keen to explore the clay, using different tools to cut, shape and mould it – we added some small twigs to the table and the children had lots of fun creating beautiful Autumn trees by threading coloured beads onto them.   The children all created an Autumn wreath, using a range of coloured material and they look absolutely fantastic hanging from the ceiling.  We had a very special delivery this week from a Mr Duckett (Father of a child who attends Meare Moles), who very kindly offered to create us our very own ‘Mud Kitchen’!!! It arrived on Thursday and it is absolutely fantastic – the children haven’t left it’s side!!!! A HUGE  thank you to him for using his own time and resources to create this amazing resource which is going to be very popular and will encourage the children to use their imaginations in the outdoor area.

Next week we will be concentrating on animals and how they survive the winter!!

IMG_0982IMG_1049 IMG_0926IMG_0935



3rd November 2017

We returned this week to a little spookiness as we celebrated Halloween – some children arrived in costume and we had a day full of spells and witches tales!!! Potions were made using coloured water and magic JellyStones and stories such as ‘Room on the Broom’ and Winnie the Witch were enjoyed by all. We have also discussed firework safety this week and every child had the opportunity to create their very own firework picture using paints, crepe paper, twigs and glitter.  We read the children some firework poems, sang some rhymes about rockets/fireworks and even enjoyed ‘hot dogs’ for snack.

Next week we will be focusing on Autumn ‘fall’ objects, so the children will have the opportunity to explore leaves, cones, conkers, acorns etc and following this we will focus on animals and how they survive the winter.


photo 1photo 3


19th October 2017

This week we began our Autumn topic by thinking about harvest. The children enjoyed helping to create a Scarecrow display and had fun learning some scarecrow rhymes and action songs. ‘The Scarecrow’s Hat’ story sack enabled the children to actively participate and to bring the story to life and the children enjoyed taking on different roles throughout the week. All the children had the opportunity to participate in a cooking activity this week – in small groups each child made their very own bread roll  – we do hope that they were edible and enjoyed by all!!  The stretchy dough table was very popular and a range of tools and cutters were provided to enable the children to explore it as they made ‘cakes’, ‘bread’  and ‘pies’ and it all became a little more elastic throughout the week!  Additionally dried pasta, rice and lentils were provided in trays with sieves, pots, colanders  and the children enjoyed making a range of culinary delights as they stirred and scooped using their hands and tools. The 3d blocks encouraged the children to use their imaginations as they created towers, houses and a range of other constructions and they were all very proud of their achievements.

We break up now for the half-term and the playgroup will re-open on Tuesday 31st October- there will be lots of spooky fun on this day with the three witches of Meare , so please come along dressed in costume ready for some Halloween fun!!

2007-01-01 16.40.592007-01-01 12.05.31

2007-01-01 12.00.01-12007-01-02 09.17.01


6th October 2017

This week we focused on our five senses and how important they are, as they answer our questions and help us find out about what is happening in the world around us. The children have enjoyed exploring our different sensory tables where they were able to explore lots of different objects/materials/instruments and as they played we discussed what senses they were using and how each of their senses were collecting information and sending it to their brain!! The communication telephones were popular and they enjoyed talking to each other through them – they were encouraged to close their eyes and see if they could guess who was talking into the phone! Feely balloons provided a source of curiosity as they squashed, squeezed and shook them in order to find out what was inside – there were some interesting guesses and delighted faces when after exploring them, we revealed what was inside! Outside we played a physical ‘Traffic Light’ game where they had to use their eyes - Red – Stop, Orange -walk and Green - run and following this we played a similar game, however they had to listen to the musical instrument being played and perform a different action for each. At Circle Time we had lots of fun tasting a range of different flavours/foodstuffs – it was quite entertaining and their faces were a picture, particularly when sampling sour/spicy foodstuffs -  ooh aren’t we awful!!!!

2007-01-13 11.41.402007-01-02 10.20.05

2007-01-02 10.09.432007-01-02 10.02.09


29th September 2017

Two little hands go clap clap clap, two little feet go tap tap tap…………………………………………

This week we concentrated on our hands and feet and the children all had tickly fun as we painted their feet and  created footprints which are now walking all over our wall!!  A shoe shop was very popular and encouraged lots of size language as they had their feet measured and tried different footwear, however some customers seemed dissatisfied and were in a hurry to exchange their items!!!  In the outdoors fun was had as the children attempted to balance on balancing buckets and walk with the giant feet – we also played action games where we used our feet in different ways.   The children participated in an adult focused activity where they were presented with three different sized ‘feet’ -  they were encouraged to compare the sizes and to use blocks to measure them – this activity also created an opportunity for counting and recognition of numerals.   Threading cards, incredible dough, mark making and construction materials encouraged the children to use their hands in different ways as they created models and  pictures.

2007-01-06 11.46.562007-01-06 13.15.11

2007-01-06 13.11.532007-01-10 12.37.50

2007-01-10 17.18.582007-01-06 11.50.37


22nd September 2017

This week we have been thinking about all the Bits and Pieces that make up our bodies and have been learning the names of different body parts. At circle time the children had the opportunity to think about what they could do with different parts of their bodies i.e  ‘I can draw with my hands’ , ‘I can kick a ball with my feet’. We have created a wall display with a body poster and  all the wonderful ideas that the children suggested. The children have gained an understanding that from our head to our toes the bones inside our bodies provide support and enable us to do everyday physical activities and without them we would just be a blob of jelly!!!!  There were many patients visiting the doctor’s role play area with broken bones and other injuries, some in the need of crutches to help them get about.  Soft play resources outside encouraged the children to move in different ways and they all enjoyed participating in a more structured activity where they experimented with travelling and balancing using different body parts.

2007-01-03 17.31.422007-01-01 12.33.23

2007-01-01 12.59.382007-01-01 13.05.10

2007-01-01 14.38.352007-01-01 14.24.04


15th September 2017

This week we began our topic ‘All About Me’ and all the children had the opportunity to observe their own faces – they were encouraged to identify features of their face and to gain an understanding that although we have similarities, we are all very unique and special. Paints were used to create some fabulous self-portraits and these are now adorning the playgroup wall – are you parents able to identify your own children???? We have discussed feelings and how our faces show others how we are feeling – at circle time we pulled happy, sad, angry, frightened faces and helped the children understand that we can experience many different emotions throughout the day! We used opportunities throughout the week to talk about how different children were feeling and what made them feel the way they did. At physical play we used the parachute to play a feelings game i.e shaking it hard for ‘angry’ or raising it up and down slowly for ‘happy’ – it was lots of fun and enjoyed by all! Other interests this week were balancing across crates and logs and finding snails and slugs which were all out of hiding due to the damp conditions – magnifiers wee provided to take a closer look and we books to find out more information about them.

2007-01-01 15.32.582007-01-01 12.00.01
2007-01-01 15.12.192007-01-01 12.00.20


8th September 2017

We’re back and it feels like we have never been away!!!!!!

Great to see all the little moles again and to welcome in the new ones. This week we have just been settling back into life at Meare Moles – becoming familiar with the routine and ‘getting to know’ each other!  We have been discussing the rules and their importance in keeping everyone safe, secure and happy.

We returned to discover our carrots had survived the summer and were ready to eat, so we have sampled them at snack time and we have to say they were quite tasty!! The  sand was popular this week – lots of children were making sandcastles and talking about their experiences at the beach and they were also very enthusiastic to participate in musical movement!!

Our topic ‘All About Me’ will begin next week and we will start by looking at ‘Faces’ . The children will make observations and be encouraged to look at differences and similarities, but most importantly discover that  we are all special and unique. Self- portraits will soon be adorning the playgroup walls!!

2007-02-19 10.46.472007-02-20 07.18.51

2007-02-20 09.55.062007-02-20 07.19.59


21st July 2017

Over the last two weeks we have enjoyed lots of time playing in the outdoor areas – some of the highlights were the car wash and playing on the new tyre swing outside!!  The Grand Finale was our party day today to celebrate the end of the academic year and to say goodbye to the children that will be making the transition over to school!!  It was a fun day and the children were captivated by a mermaid called Azure Sparkle(Felicity Fairies) that came to visit them and entertained them with stories, activities and an exciting treasure hunt - this led to us finding Blackbeard’s treasure chest and the children were able to choose a small gift from the treasure box!! A game of pass the parcel proved to be  highly amusing when a layer of paper came off to reveal one of Captain Blackbeard’s 100 year old socks and Captain Lucky Jack’s ‘everything brush’!!!

Thank you to all parents who came along to join us for a bite to eat and for the presentation to the children who will be leaving us to start their school life – we wish them all the best for the future! The staff are all extremely grateful for all your generous gifts and for all the food donations made today. Have a great summer holiday and we will re-open our doors on Monday 4th September.

Over and out!!!!!!!


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2007-01-02 08.17.53