Info for Parents

Our playgroup is a charity and is managed by a volunteer committee, members are elected by parents of children that attend the session.We depend on parents and their involvement to enable the playgroup to continue to operate, therefore membership of the setting carries expectations on you for your support and commitment.

 All parents are provided with a Welcome Newsletter when your child starts, which will provide you with further details of how the playgroup operates on a daily basis.

Your child will be provided with a Monty Mole name card and on arrival you or your child’s key person can support your child to find their name card and place it on the board.  Your child will have their own peg to hang their coat and bag on and their own tray to place their creations/pictures in

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Useful items to bring :                                                                                                                           

Small bag or rucksack with a change of clothes.

Nappies, trainer pants, wet wipes, if needed.

Soothers, comforts, special toys, blankets if needed.

In the summer a sun hat and sunscreen, labelled with your child’s name.

Suitable outdoor clothing.

Lunchbox labelled with your child’s name.

A labelled water bottle.


Sweatshirts and polo shirts are available to purchase.     Sweatshirts £11  & Polo shirts £7

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Snack time:

The playgroup provide a range of healthy morning snacks for all children, click here for an example Snack Menu,

Monty Mole

Monty Mole is our journey mole and he really enjoys going on adventures to the children’s homes to spend time with the family. Each child will have the opportunity to take him home one weekend or join you for a family adventure/holiday. We would really appreciate it if you would like to take some photos to place in Monty’s scrapbook and a  write a little note about what he has been up to!!  On his return your child will be encouraged to talk about their time with Monty, which provides for many learning opportunities and  to share home experiences with each other.

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